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Newly Released Two Dogs Book! Angie Salisbury Releases the Second Installment in Her Best-Selling Two Dogs Series!

Dallas, Texas, September 12, 2019 – International #1 best-selling author, Angie Salisbury has now released the 2nd installment for her Two Dogs series, Dogs Still Know Best: Two Angels Guide Their Human through Grief, Learning and Love. After the first book receiving critical acclaim and widespread appreciation for its emotional stories and its celebration of the unique bond between humans and dogs, the second book shares more valuable and heartfelt stories of Angie with her two Pointers, while welcoming a third new Pointer puppy named Minnie.

Angie Salisbury is also a certified Reiki practitioner and a dedicated dog mom. Sharing a very special and unique bond with her dogs, she decided to write the first Two Dogs book to share her significant stories with the world and help her readers develop a same special bond with an animal in their life. The book was a phenomenon and garnered an immense response from readers who were touched by Angie’s insight and vulnerability. This new book draws on similar concepts and shares even more stories of struggle, grief, redemption and happiness that Angie has experienced in her life and how her dogs have been a key part of helping her survive throughout her journey.

In Dogs Still Know Best, all three of Angie’s Pointers take the center stage as they are true stars of the book. They play a significant part in the magical moments shared in this new book; Angie shares how through the loving spirit of her dogs, she has been able to start a transformative experience in her life and heal emotionally and spiritually. She also shares science-based theories about animal and human communication. Further, she delves deep into the topics of loss and grief. She shares her own story of losing a pet and provides vital insight for her readers on how to overcome the loss of a pet and turn grief into a learning opportunity.

Angie Salisbury is a coveted international #1 best-selling author with a vast background in business writing and public speaking. Based in Ohio, she is an active dog mom who also participates proactively in competitive nose work with Minnie. Her aim with this new book is to help people fully comprehend mankind’s unique relationship with dogs and how dogs can add immense value to anyone’s life.

Angie Salisbury is available for interviews.


Title:                            Dogs Still Know Best

Author:                        Angie Salisbury

Contact:                       Pam Murphy

Company:                    Expert Insights Publishing


Phone Number:           214.336.7972

About Angie Salisbury:          


Book Preview:   

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