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The Two Dogs' Series by Best Selling Author

Dogs Still Know Best

Two Angels Guide Their Human Through Grief, Learning & Love
Book 2 in the Two Dogs' Series
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About Angie

Angie Salisbury is an Amazon #1 bestselling author, business writer and editor and devoted dog mom. Much of her professional work includes manuals, blogs, website content, ghostwriting and other business-type writing, so her books represent a refreshing change. She is Minnie’s partner and teammate in various nose work activities, and they often devote weekends to the pursuit of a new title. The two of them spend endless hours playing ball at the local dog parks until finally getting Minnie to nap time. Angie, her husband Tom and Minnie live in NE Ohio.

ABOUT The Story

Award-Winning Finalist in the Animals/Pets: Narrative Non-Fiction and Animals/Pets: General categories of the 2019 International Book Awards

The Pointers are back! This time as two very sweet, wise angels.

In this touching sequel to Dogs Know Best: Two Dogs' Training Guide For Humans, follow Angie's personal account of how the Pointers sparked her Spiritual journey, one that allowed her to open her heart, open her mind and in the process, receive amazing gifts, including her new love, a sweet little Pointer named Minnie. It's a story about a dramatic shift in perspective about life, grief and embracing a new way of thinking. And with all three beloved Pointers by her side, the journey is filled with love and support. In fact, there's a whole cheering section along for the ride! 

On the other side of the veil, love is everything.

About Iris

Iris Matos, “The Puerto Rican Doctor Doolittle” is a professional animal communicator and psychic medium who shares her life with her husband, Jim and their two beautiful fur kids (Shelties), Athens and Siena. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Iris (pronounced in Spanish, “Ear-Reese”) spent her childhood and young adulthood moving around to various locales, and in 2000 finally settled down in exotic Akron, Ohio. Look for her on Facebook by searching “Creating Creature Connections.”

The Two Dogs' Series

Dogs Know Best

Dogs Still Know Best

D.O.G., PhD

Coming in 2020
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Four Paws Up! 

"Angie is a beautiful, kind soul, and in this book she does the wonderful service of showing animal lovers how to deepen their communication with their beloved pets, which not only gives more love and support to our furry friends but can spark genuine spiritual growth within us. If you've ever felt that there was more depth in your dog's eyes than you can understand and wished you could connect in a deeper way, read this book."


Best Selling Author, Reality Unveiled

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